Sports Afield Journey Series SA 5524 Non-Fire Safe



Take a look at the Sports Afield SA5524J Journey Series Gun Cabinet. The Journey Series provides total security without the added cost and weight of fire protection.

The strong build of this safe is supported by Sports Afield's uni-weld body technology creating a fortified seam that eliminates the risk of any weak spots during construction. The (5) 1" steel bolts are engaged with a fully programmable electronic lock and easy to use L-Shaped handle. Sports Afield's SA5524J Journey Series Gun Cabinet is backed by an anti-theft alert system that sounds at any attempt unauthorized entry. Anchor holes and a bolt down kit are included to anchor the safe to a solid surface (highly recommended). Two backup keys will ensure you are never locked out of your safe. The SA5524J has been approved by the California Department of Justice, meeting all regulatory gun safe security standards.


  • Electronic Lock - Fully programmable electronic lock.
  • Construction/Safety: 1" steel bolts with pry resistant doors.
  • California DOJ approved.
  • Custom Features: Fully Carpeted Interior
  • Adjustable shelving.
  • Single UL approved power outlet.
  • 16 Gauge Steel.


  • Gun Capacity: 30 Guns
  • External Dimensions: 55.00" H x 24.00" W x 20.00" D (add 2" for handle)
  • Internal Dimensions: 53.88" H x 22.88" W x 15.88" D
  • Internal Cubic Feet: 11.32
  • Lock Type: E-Lock
  • Override Key (Qty 2): YES
  • Theft Alert Audio Alarm: YES
  • Finish / Color: Durable OD Green Texture
  • # of Steel Bolts: 5
  • Steel Bolt Size: 1"
  • Uni Weld Construction: YES
  • Bolt Down Kit: YES
  • California DOJ Approved: YES
  • Weight: 215

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews

Exactly what we were looking for! Price was definitely right!

Perfect For Me

If you are looking for a safe that will protect your weapons while not breaking your back when you have to move it, then this safe is a great choice. Probably the only choice under 300 lbs. It came with equipment to bolt it to the floor as well. Good enough space for ammo and rifles and can be arranged to look very cool.


Had a little issue with the shipping but customer service made it right. I can get 20 guns in there nicely. I added a lighting kit and love the safe. It is hard to find a safe that I can move, this one is perfect at 215lbs. Light enough I didn't have to hire movers to place it in my house and heavy enough with bolt to floor kit to deter unauthorized users. As you know, given time, any safe can be broken into as seen on youtube. But this is a great deterrent.

Met my expectations

Great product that met all of my expectations. Very attractive appearance. Programmable keypad is a nice feature. Weight was manageable for two moderately strong guys to carry up two flights of stairs. I am storing 2 pistols, 3 rifles and lots of ammo and accessories with room to spare. Came with bolt down hardware. Adjustable shelving as well. In hindsight I should have kept the desiccant bags that came with the safe (to reuse).

Great gun safe for the price.

Great gun safe for the price, if you can do without the fireproofing aspect. A word about the shelves, however, as the quality control on this aspect of the safe, is a bit lacking..... The upper shelf, that goes all across the width, was extremely tight. Tough to even move it at all, and had to use a mallet to wack it into place. The smaller shelves actually only fit in the opposite direction as the top shelf, and even at that, they’re a bit narrow. Also take note that the bracket rails do not line up perfectly even, and that the small shelves can only go on the right side of the safe, as there are no bracket rails on the inside left. All said though, a decent deal for the $$$.