Mesa Safe Co. MGL24E






Have 20-24 rifles/long guns and need an inexpensive way to protect them? The Mesa MGL24E Gun & Rifle Safe is just your solution. With all steel construction (no plastic) and a 12 gauge door and body, this will give you the protection that you need. Other security features include six (6) 3/4" diameter chrome plated solid steel bolts and heavy duty steel hinges to protect against pry attacks. The lock and handle are both protected by an additional layer of 1/8" steel to prevent drilling attacks.

Not only does the Mesa MGL24E Gun & Rifle Safe offer security protection, it offers a dual protection of fire as well. With a 30 minute fire rating tested at temperatures of 1200 degrees F and a heat activated door seal. It also has a 2 story impact rating which has been factory tested. This means that your safe will not pop open in a fire if it falls into the basement from the first floor destroying your contents.

There are two shelving options for the MGL24E. One is the standard gun racking which will hold up to 24 long guns (12 scoped rifles) and a top shelf for other items such as important papers, documents, jewelry and valuables. The other option for those that don't have long guns is the all shelf option which gives you four adjustable shelves.

There are also two lock options on the Mesa MGL24E. One is a digital electronic lock which is protected by a drill resistant hard plate and a punch-activated relocking system. There is also a unique key override system which allows you to open your gun safe in an emergency. This saves you the expense of an expensive locksmith or safe technician having to break into your safe if the lock fails. There is also a multiple invalid code defense feature which means that after several failed attempts, the safe will be locked out. You can easily change your personal combination code at any time and there are 2 user codes available. For those that don't trust electronic locks, there is a an option for the same price to upgrade to a UL listed Group II dial combination lock.

There are 4 pre-drilled anchor holes to bolt the safe to a solid surface which is highly recommended.

Product Description:

Body & Door

  • All steel construction.
  • 12 Gauge door & body.
  • Six 3/4" diameter chrome plated solid steel bolts.
  • Heavy-duty solid steel hinges.
  • Lock & handle protected by an additional layer of 1/8" steel.
  • 2 story impact rating, factory tested.

Lock [Electronic Lock, Standard]

  • Lock protected by a drill resistant hard plate & punch-activated relocking system.
  • Override key system.
  • Battery operated electronic lock [9V Battery included].
  • Multiple invalid code defense feature.
  • 2 user codes available.
  • Easily change your personal code.
  • 30 minute factory fire rating [Tested in temperatures up to 1200 degrees F]
  • Heat activated seal.
  • Fully upholstered shelves, walls & door panel.
  • Fully adjustable shelving system: Holds up to 24 long rifles.
  • Interior outlet strip includes 3 Electrical Sockets & 2 USB Ports. Power source cord included.
  • 4 pre-drilled anchor holes [Anchor kit included.]

Additional Lock Option

  • UL Listed Group II Dial Combination Lock.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Fits my needs well

The safe arrived with a small scratch, but was not a problem. I like the mechanical combination. It has ample storage for my needs. Don't plan on moving it too much, it's heavy.

Pretty heavy and solid...for a smaller safe

I thought this safe was an excellent value for the money ... it gives me peace of mind knowing my firearms and ammo are locked up safe and sound . For how small the safe looks it sure is heavy and solid with a power strip I must have missed that in description

Better than I expected

Great product. I couldn't be more pleased with the inside and out. No damage when it arrived, perfect condition. The inside has plenty of room ( we have even purchased more guns just because we had extra room. LOL ). I highly recommend this Gun Safe. They will only deliver outside - trucking company is not allowed to bring into the home. It does weigh 500 lbs. keep this in mind. Moved with a dolly with no issues.