Mesa Safe Co. MGL14E-AS





 Product Description:

  • Mesa MGL14E-AS 30 Minute Fire Ammo Safe
  • All steel construction
  • 12 Gauge door and body
  • Six 3/4" diameter chrome plated solid steel bolts
  • Heavy-duty solid steel hinges
  • Lock & handle protected by an additional layer of 1/8" steel
  • 2 story impact rating, factory tested
  • 30 minute fire rating, tested in temperatures up to 1200
  • Lock protected by a drill resistant hard plate & punch-activated relocking system.
  • Override key system
  • Battery operated electronic lock 
  • Multiple invalid code defense feature
  • 2 user codes available
  • Easily change your personal code
  • Heat activated seal
  • Fully upholstered shelves, walls & door panel
  • Fully adjustable 4 Shelfs
  • Interior outlet strip includes 3 Electrical Sockets & 2 USB ports. Power source cord included
  • 4 pre-drilled anchor holes
  • Dimensions:
  • Outside: 55.00" H x 20.00" W x 20.00" D
  • Inside: 52.75" H x 16.63" W x 18.88" D
  • Interior Cubic Feet: 9.58
  • Weight: 329.00
  • Customer Reviews

    Based on 3 reviews
    Cody M.
    Just what i wanted

    This safe was perfect for our house, car papers. Also my Army photos from Vietnam along with marriage photos and other important papers.

    Bryan M.
    Mesa Safe MGL14-AS-E Ammunition Fire Security

    The process was straightforward from beginning till the end. Ordering was simple and fast. Delivery prompt and on time. Product as advertised. No complaints whatsoever. Job Well Done folks

    Joel G.
    Great, direct drive digital lock!

    I called and did my research before I bought it. Many safe can be opened with a powerful magnet and this does not have that type of digital lock. Look at videos online about how to open a safe with a magnet and you will understand. Criminals will do their research on how to open digital safes so you must be informed. The unit has an power strip inside and a removable plug out the back of the unit. The 2 backup keys look like double sided skeleton keys that would be very hard to pick. The safe can be moved with a standard dolly and is about 350lbs I would guess. The shelves are not full depth so there is room to put a couple rifles or shotguns in there too . This is an intimidating look and feeling safe with heavy steel. I purchased this because of my girlfriends son who has problems. If he finds the safe he won't be able to get into it without much help. I bolted it down to make sure as i don't want someone just dallying this away. I purchased this safe because it was tall and I knew that if I had to kneel down to get into it I would probably not be securing my valuables as often as I should. I am very pleased.