Mesa Safe Co. MBF6032E





MESA's MBF Series Gun Safes protect your weapons and other valuables combining all the security features of a burglar safe and the peace of mind of a fire safe. These heavy-duty safes are constructed of all-steel like the rest of our full line of steel constructed safes. These safes are specially designed for those who love to hunt, collect firearms as a hobby and to keep your firearms locked up and secured. Keep your weapons such as rifles, handguns, shotguns, knives, ammunition and other types of weaponry in a heavy-duty and secure safe. Prevent any accidents from unauthorized users such as children and others who don't know how to operate a firearm. Most importantly, prevent theft and burglary from intruders and thieves from stealing your firearms in your home. Keep them safe from harm and protect your family and friends.

The MBF Series consists of four different types of models. Each model contains a 1-hour fire rating that has been tested under extreme temperatures to withstand a high degree of heat, ensuring that your contents inside your safe are intact and operable. Each safe weighs at least 500 pounds providing strength, durability and confident placement that will prevent your safe from being removed or stolen from its place. To add even more security, each safe contains four anchor holes to be able to secure your safe to the floor for permanent placement. The gun safes have interior shelving that can be adjusted or removed for your storage convenience. Each safe also contains different types of storage capabilities to organize any type of guns you have. Whether you need to store larger firearms such as rifles or shotguns or smaller weapons like knives and handguns, each safe has a nice organized storage system that will hold all types of weapons.

Other security features include an electronic lock that is protected by a punch activated spring-loaded relocking device. The massive diameter of the live locking bolts drives into the thick steel body of the safe that ensures the steel door is tightly shut. This protects against forced entry and attempting to break or pry open the safe. The safe is also lined with fire-resistant material that protects your contents in case of a fire emergency. The gun safes can also be used as your typical fire and burglary safe where it can be used to store all other miscellaneous valuables including jewelry, classified records, money, collectibles, photos and more. They provide all the storage and protection you need for both residential and commercial applications giving you all the benefits of one safe.


Product Description:  

  Height Width Depth
Exterior 59" 32" 22"
Interior 55 38" 28 12" 15 14"
 Interior Space 14 Cubic Feet -
Holds 30 Rifles!
Weight 665 lbs  
Shelving Half: 3   Full: 1  
 Type Advanced Electronic Lock MSL50  
Features •Low battery warning •Concealed emergency key system
  •Wrong code penalty •Easily change your personal code
  •Lock activated by drill-resistant hard plate & punch-activated relocking system •2 User codes available
  •Battery Operated
[9V Battery Required; not included]
 Optional Lock U.L. Listed Group II Combination Lock  

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Danny K.
Fits a good amount of guns

Fits a good amount of guns, maybe 10 long guns and 10 pistols. It will take some creativity and scratches to fit 30 guns though.

Tyler M.
Exactly what I wanted.

I had been looking at all the big box stores for a safe and found many issues with just about everywhere. I had a specific size requirement I had to stick to with the location I was going to put the safe. I would find a couple I liked but couldn't afford, or some that I could afford but didn't like for a multitude of reasons. When Academy, Gander Mountain, and Bass Pro couldn't provide what I was looking for, I took a chance and looked on this site. This safe is the right size, fire rating, and dimensions I was looking for. At 710 pounds, it's going to take a couple of big guys a bit of time trying to move the safe around (and that's without it bolted down). The finish and interior were better than I expected, and the 1 hour fire rating was a minimum standard for me. The fact that it is fire rated at 1750 degrees instead of the standard 1200 was an added bonus, and it will withstand a 2 story fall if you have it mounted upstairs and the floor was to burn out underneath it. For the price, I couldn't be happier with this purchase. If you are looking for a good safe to protect your valuables, but can't spend the $ 3-4000 others do ... you won't go wrong with this safe. Rent or borrow an appliance dolly, and you and 2 buddies can move it pretty easily. Great safe for the money.

Martin F.
Great value, great price

Great value, great price. Very sturdy. So far no one has tried to walk off with this 665lb beauty. And the Delivery company was awesome. Those 2 guys were the best. moved it to where I wanted it and did not scratch or damage any of my flooring. They also removed all the packing material !!

Frazer C.
So much better than Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop safes

I looked for months to find a good safe, and compared them to Cabelas and Bass Pro Shops safes. This safe is about 200-300 pounds heavier (to me, this means thicker steel). It has a starter hole in the back for power if you want it. The fire ratings were nearly twice as long as the other safes from Cabelas / BPS. Also, the final reason I got it was the key backup. If the electronic lock is destroyed, this safe came with a key backup to get you in the safe. All the electronic lock safes from Cabelas / BPS did not come with a backup key.