The latest and most technical MIL-SPEC red dot optic from Meprolight is the Mepro RDS Pro V2.

New features include 16 levels of brightness for any lighting condition, day or night. Shooters can choose from numerous reticle patterns- such as 2.0 MOA dot or Bullseye-in either red or green reticle. Shooters can expect thousands of hours of use from a single AA battery. The Mepro M5 Pro is battle proven and trusted by militaries, law enforcement agencies and professional shooters world-wide. It comes with a Picatinny rail mount and is compatible with NVGs and magnifying scopes.

  • LED Technology for low power consumption
  • Auto shut-off mechanism for additional energy savings
  • Numerous distinct reticle brightness levels for different tactical scenarios
  • Multiple reticle patterns - Dot, Bullseye
  • Red or Green Reticles


Product Specifications:

Customer Reviews

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So far so good.

DISCLOSURE: I haven't zeroed this yet, much less shot it enough to review properly.

What I know so far: it pops into place on a Tavor X95 like it was made for it...probably because it was made for it. Mounting on a Picatinny rail is fast and easy with the quick clamps. No separate mount to buy, and the little cam clamps lock it down tight.

AR guys might not prefer this sight. It perches up high on the rail, which is part of what makes it ideal for the very flat, non-traditional bullpup profile. On an M4-type rifle, you might crane your neck some unless you shoot heads-up like a shotgun; on the Tavor, though, it mounts right where you want it.

The sight itself has spectacular ergonomics. With both eyes open, you're scanning targets through a living room window, not a submarine porthole.

I do like the "bullseye" format of the circled dot. Spinning through settings, the big, knurled adjustment wheel felt chunky and solid. In bright sunlight, with mid-50s eyes, I could make out the dimmest visible setting (2) well enough to shoot with, though it wouldn't be my first daylight choice. The brightest is a firestorm of bullseye; haloing is minimal. Setting 3 looks about right. Setting 1 gives an IR dot, which I won't use because I'm not planning an NVG purchase.

Comes with a battery (AA). Seems sturdy -- I dropped it twice and it didn't seem to phase it. Battery compartment has an o-ring seal, and the rest of the gadget looks to be as waterproof as claimed.

When they lift the travel restrictions around here, I plan to enjoy sighting it in. One nice feature is that the M5 V2 co-witnesses perfectly with the simple, sturdy iron sights that are built into the Tavor top rail; they line up right on the dot.

Delighted so far. Very much looking forward to the first range day with this item.