Konuspot-100 20-60×100

Our acclaimed series of spotting scopes is known to amaze even the most demanding users.

With oversized objective lenses and zoom eyepieces, these superb instruments are built to maximize the viewing experience under any light condition and they are now richer than ever, since they also include a special adapter for smartphones that makes them even more versatile.



Product Description:

  • Magnification/diameter: 20-60×100
  • Ø Objective: 100mm
  • Field of view at 1000 m (1000 yd.): 29m/88ft at 20x – 15m/44ft at 60x
  • Exit pupil: 5 mm at 20x – 1.67 mm at 60x
  • Weight: 2097gr – 74oz
  • Lenght: 498mm – 19.6”

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Shaun M.
Almost to good to be true.

Really nice glass ,the price is just to good to ignore. The built in sunshade is a very nice touch that comes in handy. About the only negative thing I could say is that the balance is just a little front heavy, but as long as you use a good tripod there really isn't an issue. Overall very much satisfied. Thanks for great purchase.

Reiss M.
review of Konus spotting scope

The product was as advertised. I am familiar with Konus products, and like all the qualities that it has. I really like the 100 mm objective lens and the brightness of the scope at full power. I get a lot of possitive comments from all that look it over at the gun club. All things considered it is a great product and was well worth the asking price. I am very satisfied with this purchase.

Lyle H.
great product at a great price/value

I bought this spotting scope so I could see 22lr holes in the black at 100yds in smallbore competition. It accomplishes that task very well - much better than other brands with smaller objective lens. yes it is heavy and large - but the ability to see at distance is the final factor. I can use this for high power [.30 holes] at least to 200 yards [the longest range I have been to so far.] Bear in mind we are talking about seeing holes in the black on competition targets
- on white targets one can probably see the holes on out to 400 yards... For the price you can get a scope that matches scopes in the 3x's $$$$ values - like $ 300 vs $900

Malachy B.
Konus 20-60x100 spotting scope

Bought this spotter to see 224 caliber holes at our 300 yard range, worked great could see all holes on paper at 40 power and 50 power. This scope is very front heavy so you need to have a good tripod, mine wasn't good enough to get good clarity at 60 power and it shook to much. 100mm lens lets in a lot of light. Scope did everything I wanted it to do.