The KonusPro M-30 is truly the ultimate riflescope with more features than any other scope in the market.


It starts with a 30mm, one-piece tube construction for the ultimate in strength and durability, to an unbreakable glass engraved, red & blue dual illuminated reticle. The M-30 was engineered to handle any weapon of choice (even the .50 caliber). The 52mm objective lens with fully multi-coated optics was designed specifically for the high magnifications of this scope, & provides optimum light gathering for the shooter. The 1/10 mil adjustments perfectly coincide with the mil-dot reticle for accurate shooting at any range. When you add in the level-bubble for the utmost in precision at long range and the side focus wheel that completely removes parallax from an incredible 10 yards to infinity, you realize this is no ordinary riflescope.

  • Waterproof, Fogproof, shockproof
  • Dry nitrogen filled
  • Fast focus ocular
  • Heavy caliber recoil proof reticle
  • Fully multi coated optics


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Customer Reviews

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Frankie M.
great value

great scope very clear can't wait to use it long range and see how it performs there I think this scope is almost as clear as my Leopold scope is I would buy another for future projects I'm also looking at some of there other products as well and they make great rings for mounting there scopes and there spotting scopes are great

Brian M.
Excellent 'scope and will last my lifetime (and then some!)

I have several very accurate target rifles. I have a very large collection of 'scopes. I like to swap them around a lot.
After reading all the great reviews for the Konus on the various optics forums, I decided to try one.
The lineage of these 'scopes is strange: an Italian company with Japanese optics, assembled in China???
Anyway, the 'scope is very, very nice. It's optical performance is right up there with my Milletts, Burris and Muellers.
Like a LOT of the 'scopes for sale these days, it is "Made in China", but so are many others, Leupold, etc.
It's waaaay better than low end Barskas and NcStars!!!

Eoghan M.
Don't let the low price fool you...

...These scopes have all the features required for long distance shooting. To be honest, it's not a Leopold or other high end scope, but it works very well up to 800 - 1000 yards for the price. I think scope snobs just bash these because they were duped into paying thousands of dollars more for a scope that works only minimally better.

Brandon H.
Konus real review

Excellent scope for money is clear at full magnitude but you need to adjust eye relief and focus. Thought I had a problem with it called konus they called back on Monday and helped me figure it out. It was me not scope. It holds zero on my 308 I racked 100 rounds down range. The features are great and the price is excellent. You won't regret getting one of these. Are they night force no. But let's be honest who needs a 2000 dollar scope when they shoot a 700 dollar rifle. spend the money saved on rounds and practice.