Gunvault NanoVault 300

Keep your Guns and Home Safe 


Are you searching for a combination access portable gun safe that you can carry discreetly in a bag, briefcase, desk or under a vehicle seat? The NanoVault 300 is compact, secure, and affordable, offering an easy-to-operate combination lock system. This TSA approved gun safe is ideal for home, travel or concealed-weapon permit holders.


Product Description:

  • Easy to operate Key Lock System
  • 18 Gauge steel construction
  • 1.25″ thick memory foam interior
  • Compact size allows storage virtually anywhere
  • Includes a 1,500 lb tested security cable

Customer Reviews

Based on 1 review
Decent Gun Case

It’s a hefty safe, seems secure and includes a cable so you can attach it to something sturdy.

I’m using it to store my gun ands it’s compact enough to carry in the car or pack with the luggage when I’m traveling. The combination lock is ok, better than having to carry a key that I lose or search for when I need to unlock the safe quickly.

The foam padding inside is light and flimsy but sturdy enough to hold the gun in place. I’m just scared the contents will shift if the case is shaken roughly.