Gunvault MultiVault® GV2050-19

Keep your Guns and Home Safe 


Taking quick access security to new heights, the new MultiVault® provides access to handguns 20% faster than its predecessor thanks to a groundbreaking auto slide-out drawer.

  • Upon entry of the correct code, the safe door simultaneously opens while the foam-padded auto slide-out drawer delivers unobstructed access to up to four handguns.
  • Aiding in low-light conditions, a red LED illuminates the interior of the GV2050-19 for added confidence when you need it most.


Product Description:

  • Illuminated No-Eyes® keypad allows users to open the safe quickly even in the darkest of places
  • Auto slide-out drawer instantly presents up to four hand guns – 20% Faster than previous model
  • Red interior LED Light adds confidence in low light conditions
  • Manual backup key with dimpled design for enhanced picked resistance
  • High density foam cradles up to four full-sized handguns
  • Keypad tones can be silenced
  • Tamper detection feature
  • Low battery warning
  • heavy gauge steel construction
  • tamper proof concealed hinge

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Very nice safe, don’t be fooled by the biometric-looking finger tray

Don’t be fooled by the fingerprint reader described- it’s still a passcode selected with each finger. Not biometric per se. Great product however. Hubby loves it. Very quick access if needed. Highly recommend if you don’t mind tapping in your 3-6 digit code “piano keys” style.

Great quality

Great value for the money. We have it on a shelf in our closet. Just need to punch in the access code (that you set yourself... which is easy) and the door pops open and a red light comes on. Padded inside with slots for hand guns to easily fit into and stand up. Would buy it again

Does it’s job... awkward mounting

Certainly fit 4 guns, only one subcompact. You can’t push them in flush if u want them to fit. The butts should cover part of the slide-out surface. Adding ammo or other small accessories with the guns in this safe would be almost impossible without personal customization, which is EASY,,cuz the padded rack & foam floor are removable (our “floor” piece falls off the slider all the time, so THAT easily). THe back wall is slanted, so mounting flush needs more customization. DOES NOT COME WITH 9V BATTERY OR STEEL SECURITY CABLE.


I had a hard time finding a middle-size vault, all were either single pistol size or just not quite big enough to hold the three or four I usually kept in my 15 year old vault that died. This is a great vault for the price. The stand-up foam blocks used to hold the pistols upright are cool, and the sliding "floor" they are on (pops out automatically and inch or two) helps with access. There is also room enough between the door and pistols to lay down a couple more pistols or holsters (which will not fit in the foam stand unless they are thin, inside-the-pants holsters.) Easy to program. Takes just one 9v battery rather than the 8aa that my old one did (they recommend a yearly change for safety/convenience- change it Jan. 1 when you change your fire alarm batts...) Keep your thumb in front of the door when you open it- it flops down hard because of the spring pushing on that sliding floor...Overall GREAT product.

Great Safe for Price! Read my Review

Okay so I usually don't write reviews but after reading some of the negative reviews on this safe I felt I should share my thoughts to help people considering.

The reason why people look to buy this safe is because it's the cheapest alternative to others like it. The other (similar price range) safes on Amazon do not provide the capacity (4 pistols) those other safes have all the same similar features as compared to this one. No there is no biometric feature, no there is no fire rating if you wanted a safe that has those features and level of quality you should look to spend hundreds of dollars more. I read one review that said the battery installation was difficult. It's only difficult if you are a small child. make sure you have a 9-volt battery this is not included. I love the safe it's great for the price. My only 2 issues with the safe is you have to enter the combination three times in order to get the safe to open (which I'm assuming is some sort of security?) And the spring slide on the drawer when opening isn't as strong when the safe is at capacity (4 guns) the material that divides the guns rubs on the inside wall of the safe.

In conclusion if you're looking for a budget-friendly safe with all of the basic features you would like to have this is a great safe. If you are looking for a sophisticated fireproof safe then look to the much more expensive alternates which range up to thousands of dollars more.

Hope this helped