Gunvault MicroVault XL1000

Keep your Guns and Home Safe 


The MicroVault XL 1000 was designed to make portable security simple. This product has a unique notebook style design that allows you to take your handgun or valuables with you. It is compact enough to fit inside a briefcase or backpack where the contents can be quickly accessed with GunVault’s Patented No-Eyes ® Keypad.


Product Description:

  • 18-gauge steel construction
  • Patented No-Eyes® Keypad allows for quick access
  • Convenient elastic strap with pockets for extra storage
  • High strength steel security cable included
  • Precise fittings are virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Edwin C.
Microvault XL

I've read a lot of reviews on gun safes before making my purchase. This one came highly recommended, so I pulled the trigger, so to speak. The box construction was as expected, seemed to be rigid enough, and the keypad system works flawlessly. My big disappointment come from the lock mechanism itself. It seems to require very little movement of the manual key to open. I would bet that if I dropped it on a corner, it would spring open. I am not happy with my purchase, but unfortunately, I threw the box out, eliminating a chance to return. If the manual key mechanism was more secure, as in taking more than 1/32 of a turn to open, I would be please with my purchase.

Ahmed M.
Great safe for a good price!

Purchased this safe after the birth of our first grand-daughter, knowing that I am eventually going to have to secure my personal protection handguns scattered around the house. I already own a Mini Gunvault safe, but wanted one that would fit in my bedside night-stand drawer. It is larger than I thought it would be, so the fit is quite snug while in the drawer, and a bit difficult to manipulate. I typically leave it on top of the night stand, unless we have company or on the Maid's cleaning day. It is very easy to quickly access my firearm, and the mag holder mounted inside the top cover was a nice surprise also. Very easy to set up the code. the nine volt battery is not included though.

Alistair J.
Excellent product

Easy to use and set up! Fit perfect in a drawer or on top of my nightstand, love it would definitively recommend eyeing to use this as a near the bed safe!! Love the security features and the ease of muting the keystrokes

Maksymilian W.
Peacekeeper: Meet Safekeeper

The GunVault Microvault XL 1000 Digital Handgun safe arrived well packaged and precisely as described. Clear instructions and simple set up made for painless initialization. Scratch-free foam interior will not mar your keepsake. Slim and well-contoured, I actually have it resting in plain sight on a stereo rack rather than in a drawer. The black exterior makes it less noticeable. I was also happy to note the pebbled fingerprints! Being somewhat casual about replacing fire alarm batteries, I am happy to see there are both visual and audio alerts that the nine-volt battery is starting to fade.

The item responds well to the customizable button sequence you choose, and the company offers a wide choice from simple to more complex combinations, depending on your level of paranoia. The safe even passed its initial test. I wanted to show my son when he dropped in, and while I was pouring a couple of drinks, he attempted to open the GunVault to see its interior. He said it had "beeped" at him and he gave up after a couple of tries. I told him that was just as well because it had a cool-down lock out system.

If you want a well priced, attractive, sturdy gun vault that works as advertised, I do not believe this product will disappoint you.

Tomasz D.
Lock it up

This is a good unit, but is a little fussy to unlock with the finger touch method. I was able to program it once the trick of touch and rimming was mastered. The same is true of touch to unlock. It takes some experience to get it open. I always have it open unless I leave the premises, so it is only the unhurried opening when I get home that is needed.