Gunvault MicroVault Biometric MVB500

Keep your Guns and Home Safe 


 A truly premium product, GunVault pistol safes set the standard for the rest of the industry. The MVB500 handles a maximum of 20 unique fingerprints.  Perfect for home and travel, use the 4-foot security cable to tether this portable gun safe to a fixed object.


Product Description:

  • 20-gauge steel construction
  • Patented No-Eyes® Keypad allows for quick access, even in the dark
  • Battery-powered for maximum security and easy portability
  • Biometric scanner provides lightning-quick access with some of the highest security around
  • Improved high-strength lock mechanism and precise fittings make it virtually impossible to pry open with hand tools

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A must for any family with a firearm

This is the best way to keep your firearm ready for home protection while limiting kids and other people from coming in contact with it. The key is to slow down when scanning your finger so you get it to read. I have time tested it and can have the safe open and gun on target in 3 seconds.

Great Safe, Late Annual Review

I still use this Safe nearly daily, always reliable, would recommend Duracell Brand Batteries (will last 8 months+ with daily use), Not Cheap Super Heavy Duty Batteries, as they do not last, perhaps to get you through the weekend, that's about it, dollar store batteries won't work out of the package. Comments on the bad Biometric decoder, the trick I use is add your finger print to memory MANY different ways, (as additional prints) sides, middle, tips, this prevents no read issues, as the decoder is just VERY sensitive, even a scratch across your print can cause no reads. As backup store a less used finger print i.e.. Pinky finger.

Bio metric gun safe

I think the idea is great. It seems of good quality. Great keeping curious young children away from firearms. I'm not a lock picker, but I have to say this safe doesn't seem like it would be too difficult to pick the lock or pry the safe open. But great for deterring young children.

Small and tough, pretty consistent for a biometric reader safe.

I purchased this item with the intent to bolt it into my center console of my truck and keep it there 100% of the time for easy access. When I tested the unit on the counter in my kitchen, the finger scanning worked really consistently (opened usually on first swipe), so I went ahead and removed my 6-DISC changer module from my Ford Excursion and bolted it in. I trimmed some of the inner plastics in the truck console to make adequate room for opening the vault and bolted the unit in with no issues. I also used a thread locker liquid on the securing bolts, so anyone that decides to break into the truck would have one heck of a time removing the bolts that hold the gun safe securely inside the console, if they can even see it under the lip of the console and try to remove it. I now keep my pistol in the truck all the time and do not have to worry about removing the pistol and extra magazines each time I leave the truck. My only complaint is that it seems like I have to swipe my finger twice to be able to get it open. I am not sure if this is because of the angle I have to swipe my finger or if the unit reads better horizontally than vertically, but overall I am happy with this purchase. I feel more secure, knowing the gun is not only close by, but secured from easy access by the kids or a would-be thief. The safe comes with adequate inner padding, so the gun stored inside the safe does not get all scratched up by the bolts that secure the unit, or from the gun rubbing the body of the safe as the gun probably tends to vibrate inside the safe going down the road every day.