Gunvault MicroVault® XL MV1050-19

Keep your Guns and Home Safe 


Whether at home or on the go, the GunVault MV1050-19 MicroVault® XL provides secure storage for any lifestyle. The redesigned MV1050-19 includes the Illuminated No-Eyes® keypad and enhanced security features where they are needed most.

  • A reinforced steel lip and full perimeter interior anti-pry tabs prevent prying and bounce open attacks
  • The steel security cable allows for the safe to be secured while on the go.
  • Generous interior space allows up to two full-sized handguns and the in-lid storage pockets keep smaller items organized.

MV1050-19:  offering superior protection for what matters most, at home or on the go.


Product Description:

  • Illuminated No-Eyes® keypad allows users to open the safe quickly even in the darkest of places
  • Reinforced steel lip and anti-pry tabs resist prying and bounce-open attacks
  • The manual backup key features a dimpled design for enhanced pick resistance
  • Security cable allows safe to be tethered while on the go
  • In-lid storage pouch for smaller items
  • Foam padded interior
  • 5 year Warranty

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
As advertised. Impressive.

Follow the instructions. 5-minute setup.

It's a user defined finger combo safe (vice fingerprint reader). When my wife saw it, she wanted to know how her 'fingerprints' would work. Well, the combination is easy share and fast action open.

Nice construction. Looks good. Safe sits on the bedstand. Not sure how you could make a faster open safe.

Better than expected.

Everything you need safely hidden and protected

Here in the great state of Texas having a gun in the home is extremely common and even though I don't have any small children in the house I still want something to keep my important things safe and hidden. Mine is hidden in the bedroom under a false bottom drawer but I love that this comes with a pass code for extra safety measures. I took the beeping off because if I need to go access something the last thing I want is for the intruder to hear me beeping in the other room. There's enough room for firearms, passports, and birth certificates and anything else you might want to keep hidden because of its importance. I highly recommend this version of the safe over the fingerprint version as I've seen a bunch of videos of the fingerprint version malfunctioning and not giving anyone access and in a time of need the last thing you want is for your gun safe to not let you access your guns.

Great combination of security, portability, and convenience

Prior to getting this, I've been using the GunVault NanoVault in my truck and for those rare times I've checked a firearm when flying. The NanoVault works great, but it's very small and only uses a key. At home, I have a biometric safe and a couple of biometric gun safes—but those are cumbersome and not designed for portability. And, the problem with a biometric safe is that it requires a good fingerprint scan to open—something that is often tripped up if your fingers are wet, or you get the angle wrong, etc.

Along comes the MicroVault XL—and I'm loving it. First off, the interior is large enough to hold two handguns and some magazines, or a holster, or whatever you need to cram in there. It also has a handle set of pockets for holding spare magazines, so they're not rattling and bouncing around in there. It's fairly lightweight and portable, and even comes with a cable so you can lock it down in your car against thieves of opportunity. Finally, security is either by combination or by key. I love that the key combination is as simplified as possible, so it's something that can be opened in the dark and under stress. The key lock is also conveniently located, so it's equally easy to use that, if needed.

great home gun safe

i had research a gun safe for home use for a while... after many searches, i chose the awesafe and got it for xmas... i was looking for something that was built sold, had biometric , buttons and keys for safely but easy access.... this safe was advertised as it is in person... solidly built and easy to set up... works great... plenty of room and is padded inside .... i would highly recommend this to anyone looking for a good product at a good price that fits easily in a dresser drawer....

Larger than I thought; Extremely well built gun safe

I was pleasantly surprised to see this is a larger gun safe than I currently own. I purchased this 2nd one for my 2nd vehicle to prevent having to move the current gun safe from one vehicle to the other. It's a wonderful piece of equipment and will keep my weapons safe if I have to leave them in the vehicle.