Gunvault MicroVault MV500

Keep your Guns and Home Safe 


An industry-leading car safe, the MicroVault is a strong, sturdy, yet lightweight, portable gun safe. The MicroVault’s durable,20-gauge steel exterior and thick foam lining protects your gun and other items from damage. A versatile shape and size make this portable safe ideal to store your handgun and a few small items.


Product Description:

  • High-Strength lock mechanism
  • Steel security cable (included)
  • Protective foam-lined interior
  • Constructed of 20-gauge steel
  • Unique No-Eyes® Keypad allows for quick access, even in the dark
  • Lightweight and battery powered for the ultimate portability

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Reiss M.
Great Gun Safe

I purchased the GunVault MV500 Gun Safe and am very happy with the safe. It is very well built and suits my needs for a safe to take when I travel. The price I paid was less than half the price that other vendors wanted for the same safe. Well done.

Aston M.
Two years; so far, so good.

I've owned this little "safe" for two years. Frankly I don't access it that often; like many other buyers, I bought it to secure a couple of small pistols from the grandkids. Mine has worked perfectly, until recently. I entered the access code, the light flashed green, I heard the mechanism trying to work, but it wouldn't open. After trying this several times and receiving the same results, I got angry and called the company, thinking I'd see how they'd handle a warranty issue. While on hold, I listened to the recording advising that the battery should be replaced every 6 to 12 twelve months. Now the manual indicates that if the battery is getting low, there should be a series of red flashes and beeps when the keypad is activated; this was not happening with mine. Despite this, I hung up, bought a new battery, put it in, and the thing works perfectly now. From now on, it gets a new battery every 6 months.