EOTECH G33 3X Magnifier STS Mount Black

The new G33.STS magnifier is shorter and lighter than previous models.


The improved mount provides faster transitioning from 3X to 1X. The G33 offers tool free azimuth adjustment, a larger field-of-view and an adjustable diopter for improved, precise focusing.

  • Water resistant
  • Fog resistant internal optics
  • MIL-STD-1913 rail 1" Weaver
  • Fixed 3X magnification


Product Specifications:

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Jordan K.
"Great quality build"

If you are looking to turn your 100 yard AR into a midrange shooter then this is great! Some of you can also make this work as a long range shooter if you are not looking to place shots on top of each other but you will still bang steel every time out to 300 yards. It is well made and the ability to flip this to the side in an instant is very nice indeed. It is firm but not hard and does not wiggle or shake. I can highly say that this is a GREAT buy. Works great for my purposes. Have fun and keep your powder dry!

Jake R.
Lightweight and adds range to my red dot.

Shopped for this magnifier for months and finally found it here at a great price. EOTech is a well known highly recommended manufacturer. They are sturdy and hold up well. This allows me to add range to my rifle using the magnifier, or take it off or flip it out of the way when I am at close quarters of short range. This is a must have item if you have a red dot mounted on your rifle.

Felix M.
Excellent Magnifier

I use this magnifier with my Aimpoint T2 RDS (Red Dot Sight). It works well, The 2 MOA dot does get bigger since it is not a holographic dot like any of the EOTECH optics. I still like it was able to zero in my Aimpoint pretty well considering the 2 MOA dot getting larger. I as getting groups at 50 meters of 3 inches. I’m a relatively newer rifle shooter and didn’t have anything to really rest my rifle on besides using the magazine to keep it steady on the bench. I’ll probably end up getting an EXPS3-0 just because I want one and because I want to know and see the differences! I may add photos to this review later if it is possible so you can see what it looks like.

Piotr T.
Recommwnded for anything past 50 yards

Wasn't sure if I'd need this, but now that I have it can't imagine not having it. For CQD not so much, but once you get to the range I used it all the time past 50 yards and it was worth the weight penalty.

Having this with the EOTech dramatically improves its versatility, and the focusable optics are very good.

If you're planning on primarily long range use, I'd go for a scope on longer range dedicated optic., but for those making this a multi-role weapon it's a must.

Lauchlan K.
G33 Magnifier perfect for Aimpount T2

I had an Aimpoint 3x magnifier for my T2, but the dot looked blurry and misshapen. I used my buddy's G33, which unlike the Aimpoint 3X has a diopter adjustment. This allows you to focus the dot into a perfect circle. I also think the G33 has superior eye relief.

I am very happy with this purchase. 3x does not seem like a ton of magnification until you start making consistent hits out to 300-400 yards with a red dot!