The EXPS2 offers true 2-eyes-open shooting and provides an unparalleled targeting experience. The all-purpose EXPS2 features easy-to-adjust side buttons and a quick-detach lever.


It has a transversely-mounted lithium 123 battery. The increased height of the EXPS provides iron sight co-witness access in the lower third of the viewing window. Whether you're using the sight for law enforcement or hunting, the EXPS series sights are the premier optics in the line.

  • Quick-detach lever fits both 1" Weaver and MIL-STD-1913 rail
  • Battery life 600 continuous hours at nominal setting 12 at room temp
  • EXPS2-2 reticle


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Customer Reviews

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My best buy.

The exps2 green is a good buy. I have had a lot of exposure with the various optics available and feel this model offers the fastest target acquisition. The 1 moa dot offers a more precise aim and the ability to add the magnifier is attractive due to the magnifier not enlarging the green dot, but only enlarging the target.

I love this sight

I love this sight! My AR-15 is so fun to shoot with this Eotech. It was easy to sight in and it is really accurate! I love the quick detach mount. you can take it on or off in a second and it won't loose it's Zero! I got this model with the adjustments on the side rather than in the back because I plan to get the Eotech magnifier to go behind this sight. If you get the model with the adjustments on the back you can't get to them very easy. This model is a little more money with the side adjustment but is a lot easier to access the adjustment buttons. Also wanted to get this model with the 1 battery, CR123, rather than the model with the 2, AA batteries because it is longer and takes up more space on your rail! It is a lot of money to pay for a sight but worth every penny! You want the best you got to dig a little deeper into your pocketbook! I give it a FIVE STAR!

Astigmatism causing issues with RDS? Try an authentic Eotech

I have an astigmatism that prevents me from using red dot sights. I tried all the major budget options, Vortex's lineup, Aimpoints, and the Trijicon MRO. The MRO was the clearest, yet still starbursted quite bad. I began to panic after going through all these options, rethinking the meaning of life, and the cost of Lasik. Then I picked up an Eotech 300Blackout at my local gun store to look at. While the reticle was a little fuzzy, some research showed that that model has had issues with a less than clear reticle, and therefore I purchased the EXPS2-0.

I have had it out of the box for 30 minutes and am in love. The reticle is crispier than fried chicken. Build quality is solid, and with several military friends who swear by Eotech, I'm confident it will stand up well to use on my 300blk pistol.

Great Civilian Version of the "Real" Thing

The EOTech EXPS2 is a fantastic sight for those of us who want holographic awesomeness but do not need a night vision capability. The reticle is easy to acquire and the controls are simple to use. Zeroing is a breeze and the quick-detach mount found on this model is perfect for a lower 1/3 co-witness with backup iron sights. The only drawbacks I can think of for this sight are: (1) it is much bulkier sitting atop my rifle than an Aimpoint micro red dot (or similar) and (2) it has a limited battery life compared to the Aimpoint micro red dots (and others like the Trijicon MRO). However, these drawbacks are mitigated by (1) a much more generous field of view and (2) a much more intuitive and fast reticle than the Aimpoint. Furthermore, the reticle is much easier on the eyes for people with astigmatism (like me). Also, when shooting from unconventional positions, the EOTech experiences much less point of impact shift due to parallax error than many red dot sights. EOTech has addressed the temperature shift (unavoidable to some degree) and moisture intrusion issues previously reported by some military users.

Great optic, for the AR-15 platform

When I was in a position to, once again, add an AR-15 to my firearms collection, I gave lots of consideration and did lots of research as to whether I'd go with a red dot, holographic, or rifle scope for my optics choice. I finally gave in and went with this EOtech EXPS-2.0, with the red reticle. I LOVE IT!!
As someone with nearsightedness, I was leaning towards a rifle scope that I could focus to my eye strength/weakness, and give myself an edge, but, as a combat vet, I also realized that if I ever had to use it in close quarters, I didn't want to lose an edge. So I chose this holographic sight to split the difference and I've been happy with the decision. Very clear glass! The reticle is very bright, even in the CA sunshine where I take it out to have fun. Battery life has been amazing. And, when it comes down to it, and when you use it properly, it improves your sight picture acquisition time, as well as helps your precision. My photo above is from this weekend and that is at 100 yards. A few groups are MOA and possibly sub-MOA. Can't hate on that.