Are you a sportsman interested in hunting with night vision? Give the 552 another look.


The 552 is EOTech's most affordable night vision-compatible sight and it partners with most night vision-devices. The 552 is designed to increase your speed to target even after the sun goes down.

  • Water Resistant
  • Fits weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
  • 20 daylight settings
  • 10 settings for Gen 1-3+ night vision


Product Specifications:


Customer Reviews

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Zachary Z.
I love the quality of the sight itself and being able ...

I am writing a review for this sight as part of a school assignment and because it has not let me down since I have purchased it. There is quite a few different sights, however, this one is issued to many different agencies and purchasing a high quality weapon sight was one of my biggest goals due to constructing an AR-15. I love the quality of the sight itself and being able to shoot with both eyes open is a massive advantage due to having more peripheral vision at the range. The 552 doesn't have any noticeable drawbacks from my experience so far, however, it is relatively big and heavy compared to many weapon sights currently available.

Jamie B.
I like it

I'm very pleased with the unit so far. Easy setup and I like that it has the ability to use my iron sights through the Holo window. No need for a 45 degree set of sights as back up.

Nicholas I.
Best holographic weapon sight in the field

There is a lot of debate out there about whether or not the military / law-enforcement version of the EOTech HOLO sight is worth the extra hundred bucks or so. I have multiple of the 552.A65 sights and they put up with a lot of punishment. They're very impact resistant, so you can bang them around a bunch and the reticle stays exactly where you set it. I've never owned one of the civilian models, but out of the 3 mil / LE models I have, they have never slipped. I hear colleagues talk about their civilian models having to be re-zeroed after impact. If you're depending on your sight out in the field, shock / impact resistance is critical. Additionally, it takes AA batteries. There is a lot of debate between AA versus CR-123, but in many countries and rural areas, you might have some trouble finding CR-123 batteries.

Mohammed S.
Get the upgraded one ..

I like Eotech. That said, I would get the ones with the side buttons, not the back buttons. Other than that, no issues, and would recommend. A year from now, you are going to say, why didn't I get the one with the side buttons for a bit more.