The "E" is for "Extreme." The EXPS3 offers true 2-eyes-open shooting and a 7 mm raised base that still allows for iron sight access.


It features easy-to-adjust side buttons and an adjustable, locking, quick-detach lever for easy attachment and removal. It is also the optic of choice for the technologically advanced modern rifle hunter. Its night vision-compatibility makes it a versatile choice for day or night hunting.

  • Water Resistant
  • Fits weaver or MIL-STD-1913 rail
  • 20 daylight settings
  • 10 settings for Gen 1-3+ night vision
  • Tan version


Product Specifications:


Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Nice! Clear glass and reticle!

Seems well built, nice finish. Glass is clear and reticle is nice. My only complaint is the rubber adjustment buttons on the side are out of place and not centered in the housing. Have read that they can be moved around but have failed at doing so.

The Chosen

This sight was recommended to me by a special ops guy who tours the world and depends upon it for his survival regularly. Many think of it as a CQB item, but he has taught me otherwise. One of the best in the world, you cant go wrong for quality, reliability and accuracy.

Fantastic Optic

Eotech always comes through with design and performance. This optic is no exception. I was in the market for a both eye open quick engagement optic. I made the right decision. Got this item to me very quickly. Which during these difficult times, is extremely generous. Thank you!

Solid Optic

I shelled out money for the EXPS3 over EXPS2 due to availability and mostly the tan color. The night vision mode is neat, and useful if you are fortunate to own NVGs, however I don't plan to utilize it anytime soon. The optic came well packaged in as swift a manner as one could expect with the current COVID-19 crisis. The reticle is crisp so long as you properly focus on the target, and not the reticle itself. Some may diss the battery life but if you have other items that utilize CR123 cells, its just a matter of stocking more. I'm happy with my purchase, and would recommend this optic to anyone wanting a quality sight.

You can't go wrong with the proven sight.

I've been using a RDS, but this is a game changer honestly. It lives up to it's reputation 100%. Target acquisition is faster for me than with a RDS. The build quality is what I expected, and the FDE finish is Gucci AF. Easy transaction with B&H customer service. Shipped incredibly fast compared to some of the competitors that specialize in weapon optics.