The Speed Bead(TM) System is the FastFire 3 with 8 MOA dot, and specially designed Speed Bead mount.


It is available for a variety of shotguns. The Speed Bead(TM) mounts a FastFire(TM) optic between the stock and receiver of many popular shotguns. Your line of sight will fall naturally just above the vented rib, allowing for accurate and instinctive aiming. At 1x magnification, it's designed for both-eyes-open shooting. That's ideal for shooting clays and hunting waterfowl, upland birds, and turkeys.

  • Bright 8 MOA dot
  • Waterproof
  • Parallax-free
  • High-grade optical glass
  • Mounts low, aligning the red dot low and just above the bore


Product Specifications:

Customer Reviews

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Ryan W.
Dead On!!!

Purchased my new Speed Beed for my M2. Three shots later i put 74 pellets in the kill at 40 yards. Amazing how you can see the difference in shot placement then using a fixed beed on a barrel. And i have taken two turkeys with it so far. Cant wait till duck season. Thanks for a great product!

David A.
Lowest mounting height.

I bought the SpeedBead specifically for turkey hunting. To install it on my SBE3 I had to slightly modify it since a model for this gun isn't available. I love the fact that I can co-witness the red dot of the Vortex Venom & my fiber optic open sights - a reference & a backup are always there. I simply remove the Venom when using the gun for other purposes. The SpeedBead stays in place, out of the way.

Jack W.
Difficult mounting

Bought this for a Benelli M2 and immediately had difficulty mounting. The pins were too large to go into the receiver holes. I had to use a dremel to reduce the out diameter of the pins in order to get them to go into the receiver holes, then the pins were too long so I had to trim them in order for the stock and receiver to sandwich the mounting plate nicely. Really not sure what happened here as I ordered/received a Benelli M2 specific mount. Not sure who to blame on the out of tolerance manufacturing, Benelli or Burris but either way it took me about 2.5 hours to get the sight mounted. I would have expected 30 minutes or less.

Louis C.
Great Sight on my M2. What I Wished I'd known.

First I got this because after 55 years and 100,000+ rounds on open sights I can't break the habit of focusing on the front sight. Now I can focus on the bird and still have a reference point. Secondly I couldn't get enough drop on my Benelli M2 (about 8 years old) and it shot quite high. Now all problems solved. Installation was somewhat of a chore on my M2. The roll pins that replace the dimples on the drop shims were too big for the holes in the receiver. You can force them with a hammer but will have a terrible time getting the whole thing apart. I wanted to be able to remove the stock and Speedbead easily when it gets wet. I took a metal file to the pins but only on the portion that go into the receiver and got a tight fit but yet I can get the thing apart. Don't remove any material from the pin where it goes through the mount or into the stock. The pins are a little long, especially if you don't use any shims but this is easy to remedy with a little filing or slight bit of drilling into the stock. Better long than short. My pins are tight enough that they tend to stay in the receiver and the mount slides off with a little work. I can remove the pins from the receiver with pliers, if I have to. I think having the mount tight on the receiver is important. The pins are small for the holes in the stock but I don't think that is an issue as it all tightens up when bolted together. Don't try to use smaller diameter pins as they won't be tight in the mount. a little wiggle room helps when assembly and disassembly since there are forces coming from multiple angles and the stock comes off at an angle due to the recoil tube. I took the foam padding off the bottom back of the mount where it contacts the stock as it made everything more difficult as it puts pressure on the stock when assembling. There is a little button where the foam is that puts pressure on the stock from a set screw (wedge screw) that can be used to elevate the mount and also helps stabilizes the mount. This can make stock removal more difficult as it puts pressure on the stock and requires removal of the sight to access. I snugged this up as much as I could but yet could still get the whole thing apart without removing the sight from the mount. NOTE: the button can fall out, especially if the foam is removed and it is hard to find. If the stock is pulled slightly away from the mount but is still wedged into the bottom of the mount you can turn the stock sideways and it will take the pressure off and the stock can be removed. By all evidence so far as long as I can remove the stock and sight without having to access the wedge screw I can reassemble the shotgun and still maintain my zero. If you like to carry or hold your shotgun with the butt on your hip it may be uncomfortable to hold as the mount can dig into the web of your hand. It does not interfere with shooting at all. I'm sure a little work on the mount could make it more comfortable if you have big hands. I didn't see it listed anywhere but the unit comes with two risers and longer screws to raise the sight and a sun shade/protector that snaps onto the sight and has clear plastic lenses so you could shoot with it on. If you use the risers, you will not be able to use the shotgun bead as a back-up as POA will not be the same.