BURRIS Handgun 2-7X32 Plex Matte

The 2-7x32mm Burris Handgun scope provides handgun shooters with a wide, flexible range.


2x low end magnification offers quick target acquisition and a very large field-of-view. The 7x zoom at the top provides accuracy at handgun-stretching distances.

  • Plex reticle, Matte black


Product Specifications:

Customer Reviews

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Scoop on Scope

Excellent quality glass and product. Great accessory to great hunting rifle. Lens covers as advertised not included, however I understand nowadays Burris does not ship product w/ covers

Very clear glass, durable, easy to use

I have 6 of these, in 3x12 and 2x7. Each one had served me well. I have the 3x12 BP's on my longer range XP100's. After running the velocity of the specific handgun, I use the Burris Ballistic program and get my drops on the ballistic lines. Record them on a card, go shoot at those distances to verify and then hunt. Great scope. Never had one fail.

Much better than most I’ve used

I am part of a group of four that shoot S&W 41’s at a local range. I’ve used dot sights on my 7” barrel until we started shooting at 3/4” dots at 25 yards. I put this scope on my 41 and first noticed it’s light transmission was great throughout the zoom range. Now I’ll start punching these tiny dots with my friends. Couldn’t be happier!

Crystal clear lens, great reticle for pistol shoot

l purchased this scope few weeks ago, not mounted on the TC Contender yet but will work as expected and some.....

Perfect fit

I had my handgun scope mounted a week before deer gun season. This scope is absolutely amazing great look & easy to see out of! I’d recommend it to anyone that’s serious!!