Burris Eliminator III 4-16x50mm X96 Riflescope with Integrated Laser Rangefinder 200116

The Burris Eliminator III X96 is a lightweight riflescope with an integrated laser rangefinder and point of aim correction designed right in the reticle. With this scope, you can simply point at the target, push the button, and see the point of aim show up with an aiming dot - already adjusted for distance, and for your specific ammunition. Accurate at 1,200+ yards and at any magnification, the Eliminator will revolutionize your hunting or shooting experience.

  • Built-in rangefinder allows you to range target without carrying additional equipment
  • Trajectory compensation is determined with the push of a button, accurately and precisely for your exact ammunition and range
  • Ready for ranging and determining point of aim on targets out to 1,200+ yards
  • Integrated inclinometer automatically corrects for angular distance corrections
  • Illuminated aiming point can be used even in low-light conditions
  • Trajectory compensation works on any magnification setting
  • Programming scope as easy as programming an alarm clock
  • Comes with programming book, and reference to website with application to assist in getting the programming numbers you need based on elevation, atmospheric condition, and cartridge
  • Ranging value available in yards or meters
  • Reticle displays a 10mph wind value to indicate wind hold-off for specific cartridge at specific range
  • Robust, low mount included with base - no rings needed
  • Mounts easily on any Weaver or Picatinny rail
  • High-grade optical glass for a robust, durable, and optically brilliant shooting experience
  • Hi-Lume multicoating assists with low-light performance and reduction of glare
  • Guaranteed by the Burris Forever Warranty

  • Scope Weight: 30.4 oz. with battery and mount
    Scope Length: 15.75"
    Magnification Range: 4-16x
    Scope Objective Diameter: 50 mm
    Scope Tube Size / Mount: 1"
    Scope Turret Adjustment: 1/8 MOA Clicks 40 MOA Elevation (Total) 40 MOA Windage (Total)
    Parallax Adjustment: Objective Parallax Adjustment - 50 yds -> &inf;
    Reticle Position: Second Focal Plane
    Field of View: 25' Low - 7' High @ 100 yds.
    Eye Relief: 3.5" - 4"
    Illuminated Reticle: Yes, Push-Button Illumination Control 5 Brightness settings (1) CR123A Battery - lasts 5,000+ activations
    Scope Finish: matte black
    Item Condition: New
    UPC 000381001160
    MPN 200116

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Yolanda J.
    Burris eliminator lll scope

    Great scope, very good quality lens! Easy to adjust, pin point accuracy! Easy to use! Negative is a little heavy and a little pricey! But a great scope!

    Maxine C.

    I’ve watched all the video reviews and got pretty excited but nothing prepared me to the unboxing of this scope! I was shaking with anticipation! This thing mounts up easily and is a breeze to sight in and program. I will say it was probably much easier having someone read directions as i programmed it. Glass of crystal clear and range finder is amazing! I will buy another for my other rifles!!!

    Karen S
    Good experance so far, futher development would make it better

    I have not yet had a chance to use it at the range or hunting. Cons: I find that the additional price over the lower power model is worth it. It gives 2 extra features, higher light gathering capability and higher power. The difference in field of view at lower power and additional weight is negligible. I was also surprised to see an included sun shade and the spring loaded lens covers. They were also thinking ahead when they made the lens shade. As it screws into the objective lens and the exterior is the same OD so it looks custom, and the lens cover will fit over it too. I purchased mine used and sent it back to Burris for checking, using their life time warranty. It only took 4 weeks, less than their 6-8 week time line. They gave it a clean bill of health. A very good experience. 4, Pros: I have a Springfield Picatinny base mount, while I have not mounted a scope before, it seemed vary strait forward starting with the back clamp, until I went to the front and there was a gap between the scope and base. This is not covered anywhere on line or in the supplied user manual, except a little blurb that does not even address the gap. It talks about problems sighting in, using the supplied front mounting plate and see the included instructions. What mounting plate and what additional instructions? And I’m not even sighting it in, I’m mounting it. I have a gap between the mounting surfaces at installation. Well, I think(?) I found it, going back through everything I found some shims that sort of match a photo / diagram on a 3”x3” handout stuck in the box. Secondly for the bullet drop compensation, my impression was to select your round (scroll through a list and boom) wrong! As it was; it was the impression I got from the advertising. I did not read the manual before purchase. It is not hard to set up the bullet drop, but it is not easy. Knowing computer technology as I do, it would have been no more costly to assign a particular manufactures round a number (1 999) If your round is not on the list, you pick one with the closest ballistics’ and have a (-) 1 9 or (+) 1 9 available in the set up, for higher or lower to use for dialing it in. Third the battery compartment is quite large some redesigning here should be considered. It could have been mounted on the top and, as I will set up a side sling, will certainly get some abuse. Lastly, the instruction to tighten the mounting clamp nuts to 50 70 inch pounds is unreasonable. Thanks for the 50 cent tool to do so. I have an inch pound torque wrench and would not use it on these nuts unless extras were included. It would have been more productive to provide an instruction something like, “ tighten both finger tight, snug each up with the supplied wrench turn a quarter turn more, back both off sung up with the wrench again then give ½ turn each 3X or what ever it takes to get 50 70 inch pounds. Hope this helps

    John E.
    eye relief is to sensitive you haft to hunt where to get to see what your hunting.

    Great scope if you have a lot of time to get on what you want to shoot. the trouble with it is the eye relief put it on gun bring it up to shoot you may or my not be able to see what your shooting at. haft to move your head back and forward to get it to come in. where i hunt i don't have that kind of time. other than that i thing it's a great scope.

    Annette J.
    Hesitation but glad I bit the bullet

    I have been looking at theses scopes for years and never pulled the trigger on one until this week. So far so good. Easy to set up and very accurate. Have shot between 100&600 yards with all distance in between. It has been extremely close. Close enough to take game. Have had zero trouble with the range finder picking up targets and getting me on target. I shoot a lot at known distances which once zeroed is fairly easy. But the in between distances that you encounter while hunting are very different from the range. Like I said so far so good with the Burris iii. I have ranged milk jugs at 140 to 520 and hit them each time. That is close enough for me!!!