The new Eliminator IV offers more performance with extended range and enhanced ballistic software.


Significantly extends the range and accuracy of your favorite rifle, with ranging capability out to 2,000 yards. It greatly increases the distance at which you can make an ethical shot. A new onboard ballistics calculator offers more data and faster aiming solutions. Bluetooth laser activation has been added to make it easy to range your target. With a trophy in sight, there's no need to fumble with smart phones and handheld range finders. Feed the Eliminator IV your cartridge's ballistic info and the scope calculates perfect holdover at your exact distance, estimates wind drift, then gives you a bright red dot of accuracy in seconds-all at the push of a button. Just aim, range and shoot. It's that simple. Four tools in one advanced optics including: precision optics, an internal digital inclinometer, smart dope card, and built-in laser range finder.

  • 4-16X50MM
  • Precision Optic: All lenses are fully multi-coated for sharp, crisp, edge-to-edge clarity
  • Digital Inclinometer: An internal inclinometer delivers a precise aiming point for angled shots up to 45
  • Smart Dope Card: Simply program your cartridge and load into the Eliminator. The precise holdover is automatically determined
  • Laser Range Finder: Powerful, built-in laser rangefinder will instantly determine the distance to your target out to 2,000 yards
  • Improved ballistics calculator accommodates centerfire, rimfire, muzzleloader and slug gun loads
  • Wireless Bluetooth remote for laser activation
  • Proven X96 reticle displays a 10-mph wind value to indicate wind hold-off for your specific cartridge at the indicated range
  • Mounts to any Weaver-style or Picatinny base. No rings required


Product Specifications:

Customer Reviews

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600 yards in one day

It was this easy; mount optic, zero at 50 yards. Walk over to the long range and hit armor at 300 yards, then 400 yards, then 500 yards, and finally 600 yards. All of this was done with Walmart junkyard ammunition in 308 caliber (10-12" grouping). I went back the next weekend with match grade ammunition and tightened up the group to 4 inches. The only suggestion I would have for Burris, is to make the touchpad for the computer cable smaller. The touchpad is too long in the limits where it can be mounted on a weapon with limited real estate

Fantastic scope and quick service

Just love this scope. With the built in range finder and ballistics data you can count on very quick shots on game. Manually adjusted scopes can do many of the same things as this scope but with the few seconds you have for some big game shots this scope is very fast.

Awesome scope

The scope is great. It has an awesome range finder built in and is great for long shots. I'm very pleased with the Burris Eliminator III. Enter the ballistics of the bullet for accuracy. I would recommend this scope to use on any rifle.

Just as I had hoped

My first notice was how light that it was. Installation and the initial calibration was fairly straight forward and once dialed in this scope is a game changer. I do a lot of cold weather stand hunting and don't always have the luxury of ranging quick enough with my hands bundled up but this allows me to aim, range and decide on the animal all at the same time.

Amazing Scope

Can't believe how happy I am with this scope. Mounts incredibly easy, very easy to use, and confidently accurate. I wish I would have purchased this long ago. The range finder feature makes for a huge convenience since I'm used to carrying one around with me when hunting.