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Crystal clear glass

Awesome scope not heavy for its size. Eye relief is perfect. And this glass is comparable to my dads Schmidt bender. I got the 2.5-10x56 with the duplex reticle. The lines are thin but once you illuminate them then they are perfect. You can tell it is built to last in Japan and not china.

yes, this is a very good scope.

I have this scope mounted on .260 rem. caliber, Savage model 10 with a Shilen barrel. This combination works very very well. I have used other scopes on this rifle including Vortex and Nightforce. They have all been good scopes that track well and provide a clear image of the target, but the Sightron has the most useful reticle for shooting in windy conditions. I live in an area where the wind changes speed and direction rapidly making it nearly impossible, at times, to adjust the horizontal turret and shoot before the wind changes. The reticle on the Sightron is very useful for making quick one or two minute of angle corrections quickly. I have tested this scope, shooting at distances from 100 to 1400 yards, and have been so impressed that I decided to do something I almost never do; write a review.

I now own 3

Before i bought my first one i asked a friend if he had one. He said yest and would buy another if needed. So i ordered it. I have a total of 3 now and really like them. I find the retical to be good even when hunting. When adjusting out to 1,025 yards then back to 100 yards it was right on the money. I will buy more if needed!

Buy it

Haven't tested with night vision as I have Gen 1 but this is an awesome reflex sight so much so that I purchased 2 and installed on my EDC cz p07 suppressor ready and cz scorpion Evo3 s1
It Co witnesses amazing with both setups holds zero. The dot is clearer than my holosun. Buy it even if you are on the fence it's time for sightmark to make its mark.

Mesa Safe Co. MPS-1
Dean T.
Nice, but heavy nightstand safe

This is great for a drawer (albeit heavy for a cheap drawer) or table top quick access handgun safe. It is thick steel and the cover has a single loop/bolt type lock. The thick steel cover and sides makes quick theft difficult as the hammer/screwdriver would need quite a bit of prying to bend the metal to gain access. There are plastic side covers which come off but one needs inside screw access, and then you have the steel underneath. This MESA is just like the Gardall PS96 unit except no handle and half the price. That's no problem as this is so heavy that I don't think one wants to carry it to and from the range. The safe's ad picture shows a handgun and 2 magazines. That is probably a 22 cal. My compact Glock 19 as shown is a bit tighter squeeze. To improve entry I added a label of 0/4 - 1/5 - 2/6 - 3/7 to simulate numbers rather than positions until it is ingrained in my thinking. I also took off the lock cover as I use the key until I remember my code. Great drawer quick access handgun safe. Good for the truck of your car for transport too as it's not going to easily slide around.

Mesa Safe Co. MGL36E
Abdullah B.


Fits a good amount of guns

Fits a good amount of guns, maybe 10 long guns and 10 pistols. It will take some creativity and scratches to fit 30 guns though.

Great Safe!

This is a great safe; It met and surpassed my expectations! I would not hesitate to another one in the future, as I’m already planning to do so!

Awesome safe!

This is the first safe I've ever owned so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ll say I was very impressed with the safe from how well it was packaged, the flawless condition it arrived in, the instructions for setting up the lock and the overall quality of the product. I just got it yesterday but so far I’ve got no complaints.

Great safe

This safe is a great value: Made in USA Waterproof to an extent Inside electrical Very flexible interior I looked a many safes this size and this was best price for having all these features. Delivered into my garage where I keep it with no issues.

Sports Afield Preserve 60 is awesome

I purchased this high quality safe on November 4, 2020 which included Free Shipping to my home. Being very heavy (675) lbs.) it was delivered with a lift gate on November 25th. The driver was quite courteous, helpful and very professional with the unloading using a pallet jack. It took both of us to slide it thru 36” doorway sideways into my shop and then it was placed within 8” of final location for unpacking. These safes are made in China, but the quality of the interior and exterior are well done. It came with a nice steel pallet mounted on bottom and I had no issues with freight carrier. I’ve left the painted steel pallet on the safe bottom since it’s located on a concrete slab in my shop. All the safe contents were secured inside and the instruction manual was attached to outside under a foam protective face on front. Setup with Electronic Lock has been easy, shelving placement and storage areas well made. I’ve had other smaller safes that were made with poor quality materials and needed alterations to materials used. No issues with this safe and highly recommend purchasing this brand of safe.


Exactly what we were looking for! Price was definitely right!

Perfect For Me

If you are looking for a safe that will protect your weapons while not breaking your back when you have to move it, then this safe is a great choice. Probably the only choice under 300 lbs. It came with equipment to bolt it to the floor as well. Good enough space for ammo and rifles and can be arranged to look very cool.

Had a little issue with the shipping but customer service made it right. I can get 20 guns in there nicely. I added a lighting kit and love the safe. It is hard to find a safe that I can move, this one is perfect at 215lbs. Light enough I didn't have to hire movers to place it in my house and heavy enough with bolt to floor kit to deter unauthorized users. As you know, given time, any safe can be broken into as seen on youtube. But this is a great deterrent.

excellent night vision

For the value this is it. Can see stars when the whole sky is cloudy. Easy to use. A great gen 3 digital night scope. I don't think anything compares to it

Arrived damaged but easy install for 2019 Tundra

Corner arrived bent. I'm guessing this would make the safe more vulnerable when someone tries to pry it open. Easy install and good for for my 2019 Tundra Crew Max.

2014 to 2018 Toyota Tundra Gun Safe

Great safe, easy to install using the 4 bolts included less than 20 minutes and I was done. Plenty of room inside the safe to valuables and the tray next to safe lifts up to store larger items underneath. The combination is easy to set and can be changed as necessary. Totally worth the price for the piece of mind.

Great product. Keeps my gun safe when I can't ...

Fits my 2017 Tundra Crew Max perfectly. Great product. Keeps my gun safe when I can't carry it into establishments with 30.06-30.07, or 51% signs. Very solid build and easy install!

Nothing like a USA made product.

Nothing like a USA made product. This safe is very sturdy, easy to install and fits perfectly on my late model F150. Safe will defeat any quick attack by smash and grab incidents and lock looks suitable for its application. You eat well packed and with clear instructions.

Lock'er Down Console Safe 2014 to 2018 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 Also 2015 - 2019 2500 & 3500 Series
Cain K.
The packaging was excellent. The product itself is awesome

Just got this in for my 2015 1500 Silverado LTZ. The packaging was excellent. The product itself is awesome. Solid construction, quality materials. Resetting the code was quick and easy. The install was a breeze. It looks like it came installed in the truck from the factory. The lid is spring loaded and opens itself once it is unlocked. Very happy with my purchase and would absolutely recommend to anyone looking for some more security in their vehicle.

Lock'er Down Console Safe 2014 to 2018 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 Also 2015 - 2019 2500 & 3500 Series
Josh T.
Perfect fit

Was concerned that this may not have been updated to the new console style of the 2018 GMC 2500HD's. As you can see, it not only fits perfectly and is very solid, but also maintains access to the power points in the console. A must if you carry a gun in your truck, and will hold radar detectors, wallets, and any other valuables you need to secure.
Very satisfied.

Lock'er Down Console Safe 2014 to 2018 Chevrolet Silverado & GMC Sierra 1500 Also 2015 - 2019 2500 & 3500 Series
Jai D.
Fully Enclosed, World Class Console Safe

There is no doubt that this console safe is the industry gold standard. I purchased this for my 2018 Chevrolet Silverado 2LT with the full-size center console. It is made of high strength steel plating and designed to PERFECTLY fit!

- Unbreakable design, bolted down into existing plate
- Numeric code combination lock, easy to use with or without gloves
- Lifetime Warranty
- Phenomenal Customer Service
- Built in USA

- None Yet

Needs slight mod to fit 2016 JK

Very well made! I love the combination lock instead of having to use key. The only small issue is that in the 2016 model there is a USB plug that is blocked. A quick Dremel or hack saw job solves it. See pics below. First two pics are before mod, and last two are after.

Lock'er Down Console Safe 2009 - 2014 Ford Expedition with Sync Model LD2024
Fletcher S.
Great product!

I was a bit skeptical about this vault when looking at the pictures. I am no longer skeptical. It mounts in place very firmly.

Mounting the vault was pretty easy. If there is a pad in the bottom of your console, remove it first. The vault comes in four parts. You will build the vault inside the console. There are instructions provided. You can put the pad back when done.

In the pictures you can see a wire running through the nickel slot of my coin holder. That was the only way to get the wire out of the console and it works. I have an after market stereo installed (Kenwood DDX9903S) and the cables were ran into the console.

Glad to have it

I installed the Lock'er Down® Console Safe with 4 Digit Combination lock in my 2013 Toyota Tacoma three years ago. Installation was pretty straightforward even though the "instruction" sheet is sparse. It took me about 45 minutes to install it from start to finish. Installation requires removal of the factory console hinged lid. That part of the operation was the trickiest part because of the tiny screws involved, but if you have a decent amount of manual dexterity and are used to do-it-yourself projects, installation should be something most people can accomplish with minimal hassle and tools (a screwdriver and straight-handled socket driver as I recall).

I like the four-number combination lock set up. It seems like it would be difficult for someone to "pick," and four combination wheels mean there are 10,000 possible combinations. That makes it a lot more difficult to pick open than a keyed version would be. When the combination is entered and the knob is turned, the spring-loaded lid opens on its own. It's a nice setup.

The Lock'er Down is well constructed and keeps its contents safe from top and side attacks because it is essentially a full metal box that is inserted inside the console. While I'm sure a determined thief could eventually uninstall the unit by destroying the interior of the vehicle, that prospect makes it enough of a deterrent that most criminals are going to seek easier quarry rather than risk making a lot of noise and commotion trying to defeat the unit, and getting caught in the act. Furthermore, because it's inside the console, most thieves wouldn't even know that it's there to begin with.

One annoyance is that the unit leaves a gap between the safe itself and the outer passenger-side edge of the console. The gap is big enough for pens, change, bullets, keys, and even a tiny flashlight to fall into. Once such items have fallen into this abyss, they are like lost souls who have entered the chasm of Tartarus. In other words, they become irretrievable unless you remove the unit.

While the Lock'er Down does slightly reduce the amount of usable space inside the console, there is still plenty of room inside. People wondering about firearms storage might be interested to know that I can fit an HK45C and two spare magazines inside the unit along with a few other small items. It's not big enough to accommodate most full-size pistols, but subcompact and many compact-sized firearms should easily fit. Of course, it goes without saying that you should unload and clear your firearm before placing it inside, and I always wrap mine in a small cloth to keep it from getting dinged up during insertion or retrieval (the unit is made of hard steel). And personally, I would never rely on the unit for prolonged firearms storage—just on the basis of good judgment, common sense, and the desire to be a responsible firearms owner.

All in all, I would say this is a well designed, well constructed product that is totally worth the money. I am glad to have it installed in my truck and I plan to use it for years to come. I wish the company made these units for many other makes and models of vehicle, such as Subaru.